Magical learning begins with Holo PopUp Books.

Jump into a new world of adventure with Holo PopUp Books! Enjoy beautiful, colorful landscapes and characters like you never have before - all coming to life with AR technology. It’s a delightful, immersive, engaging and interactive way to share stories with your loved ones.

These books are the modern popup books! You can read and enjoy each story, but our versatile adventures are not just printed on the page. With the help of your smart device, your child can explore each enchanted world as it comes to life in your home. These books help learning become more fun - we’ve added vivid voiceovers, subtitles and sound effects, so your child will be motivated and empowered to learn vocabulary and spelling!

Holo PopUps Books are a magical revolution in storytelling! Each book includes animation and educational activities. All you need to enjoy the animation is your smart device and our FREE Holo PopUps App - available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


A book that grows with your child!

Unlike traditional books, Holo PopUp readers will continue to get refreshed content after purchase! We’ve already designed seasonal updates - you'll be able to see the leaves falling in autumn and snow cascading in the winter!

The artwork in this book series is inspired by Mary Blair, a children’s art pioneer who was a concept artist for early Disney movies. The artwork features popping colors and enchanting characters that your kids will adore. The cuties in this book include: dolphin, blue crab, jellyfish, killer whale, seahorse, sea turtle, octopus, hammerhead, and blue whale!


Don’t just sit and read - jump into the story!

A magical world and all kinds of adventures are waiting for you. Pick your storybook, download the FREE Holo Popups app and jump into each story with amazing augmented reality!

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Product Sea Characters

Sea Characters

Deep sea animals in this book will come alive in breathtaking 3D animation to charm and teach your child about dolphins, sea turtles, the big blue whales, and more!

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Product Pet Party

Pet Party

These cute pets may look normal, but they leap out of the page when you scan them with the free Holo Popups app! Learn more about goldfish, bunnies, dalmatians, and more!

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Product Daring Dinos

Daring Dinos

Bring great dinosaurs back from extinction and into your home with our 3D augmented reality. Don’t look now, but a T-Rex, Velociraptor and Pterodactyl just joined for story time!

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